US Airways flight about to take off

 US Airways is one of four airlines planning to squeeze more money from travelers


We just reported here two weeks ago that the airlines started implementing new surcharges for holiday travel to the tune of $10-$20
extra per flight. Well the additional penny pinching has paid off, so the airlines plan to extend – and increase – the surcharges through Memorial Day


So how much extra might you have to hand over when flying
the friendly skies? The most common charges will range from $10 to $30 and in
some cases up to $50! The offenders include United, Delta, and Northwest. US
took a different approach and will add a 5% surcharge equal to the domestic
fare booked starting May 8. Many of the new surcharges will be added to dates that
coincide with both spring break and Easter travel.


If you plan to fly on Monday February 8th, you
might want to rethink those plans. That is because some of the airlines plan to
take advantage of post-Super Bowl travel with an additional $50 fee. Airlines
started these new fees in September for trips planned around fall and winter
holidays. Since that time, those same carriers have doubled them and extended them to 41
dates between Thanksgiving and Memorial Day.


Although surcharges are getting out of control, airline tickets themselves are at record lows right now. But many travel experts are still shocked to see airlines sink to such
deplorable lengths in order to turn a profit. Not even in the worst of times has an
airline added a fee in the range of $50. With fewer people traveling these days, I am not sure that this is a wise business move. If other
airlines do not follow or match these fees, maybe it will send a message to the
big four to rethink their "Grinch-like" tactics.


Here are the dates to watch out for with surcharges attached:


$20 surcharge:


Nov. 29 & 30

Dec. 18, 19, 23, 26, 27, 30

Jan. 2 & 3

Feb. 12

May 20


$30 surcharge:


Mar. 14, 20, 21, 28

Apr. 5 & 11


$50 surcharge:


Feb. 8



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  1. brian,

    The fees are ridiculous and I certainly hope the other airlines go against the grain and do not follow the lead of US Airways, United Delta and Northwest. The best we can do is try not to fly on these peak days.


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