Well, folks, it’s gotten so bad that we are now resorting to signing a pact to stay off our digital devices. While it might sound wild, it kind of makes sense. Travelers nowadays (we’re guilty, too!) seem to see the spots on their itineraries through the eye of a lens rather than through their actual, you know, eyes. And while we’re huge fans of the selfie, we also totally recognize the need to take a moment (or a week) to put down our phones and begin to travel again for the sake of the feeling that travel gives us, not just the cool Instagram shot.

With that said, check out the Instagram accounts (ha ha, such irony) of these digital detox options for adventurers looking to unplug and reboot on their next vacation.

Intrepid Travel

As a local, sustainable, small group travel company, Intrepid Travel has its participants sign a digital detox agreement before the trip, swapping cell phones for notebooks. Check out their trips to Ecuador, Thailand, India and Morocco for a mobile-free taste of travel.

Via Yoga

Fancy a trip to Mexico, Costa Rica or Washington State? Say Om with Via Yoga’s retreats where cell phones aren’t allowed!



DuVine Cycling + Adventure Co.

Put down your phone and pick up a bike when you sign up to cycle anywhere in the world with DuVine!


Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations #rideon #challengeyourself #mountains

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Discover Outdoors

Finding nature in New York City was once considered a difficult feat — not anymore with Discover Outdoors, who offer trips to city-bound New Yorkers that range from a day to a week!



Paragon Guides

Offering outdoors activities ranging from llama trekking to their more mainstream climbing adventures, Paragon Guides showcase the finest that their local Vail, Colorado landscape has to offer.


Looking for something more DIY?

Here are some options where you can choose to leave your phone at home by your own dang willpower #sobrave.

Take a hike in a national park

You know we <3 our national parks… And you will, too! Check out their site to find the park nearest to you and start planning your mobile-free vacation!



Take a moment to stargaze

Okay, so maybe you can’t take off for a week (or even a night) sans-phone. Take a couple minutes to appreciate the bit of nature that’s always accessible: that beautiful night sky. Even if you can’t see the stars, you sure can see that beautiful hazy moon.



Read a book (somewhere inspiring, if you can)

Escape through the pages of a fantastic book. Set your mobile aside for half an hour and let yourself be swept away by the magic of reading.


Meet me in the woods. I’ll be right here. ☺️

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Are you ready to take a digital detox? Let us know how you plan on unplugging in the comments!

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