After being arrested Wednesday for refusing to pull up his baggy pants on a US Airways flight to Albuquerque, college football player DeShon Marman is seeing support from the University of New Mexico.


Marman was transferred from the City College of San Francisco after two seasons to play for New Mexico. His coach Mike Locksley is aware of the arrest and is supporting his player. 


US Airways has since commented on the incident stating Marman broke the airline's dress code due to his pants hanging below his buttocks and his boxers showing.  Marman also did not comply with the airline when they requested he get off the plane and he allegedly injured a police officer during his arrest.


Marman was arrested on suspicion of trespassing, battery of a police officer and for obstructing a police investigation. Marman's mother has come to his defense telling reports that her son has been "emotionally fragile" after a close friend of his died less than two weeks ago after being shot. 


So what do you think? Should an airline have a dress code? Was US Airways right for asking the passenger to be removed from the plane? Or did they overreact? Leave a comment below…

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