McDonald's in Osaka, Japan

"Would you like shrimp with that?"is commonly heard at McDonald's in Japan


Dining in a foreign country can really test your taste buds. Many travelers often get to the point where they just want something familiar – good old greasy fast food. But before you make a mad dash towards those heavenly golden arches; be prepared to see some unfamiliar items on the menu.


Germany: Beer with my burger? Don’t mind if I do! Here you have the option of including a Pilsner Lager with your meal which has become a shocking but extremely pleasant surprise for many Americans during their first trip to a German McDonald’s.


Japan: The Japanese have taken the traditional beef patties and chicken nuggets and have also included the option of substituting those meats with shrimp. Customers also have the option of ordering the Koroke burger consisting of mashed potato, cabbage, and katsu sauce. Why not wash it all down with a cool green tea-flavored milkshake!


Norway: Norwegians are known to love their fish, which is why we aren’t surprised that McDonalds tailored for these Scandinavians; the grilled salmon and dill sandwich known as the McLaks.


Hong Kong: There’s a new twist to McDonald’s desert in Hong Kong – Red bean pies and red bean sauce over ice cream. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t get my usual apple pie, the red bean proved to be a sweet replacement. 


India: Unfortunately for the McDonald’s Big Mac lovers, Hindu’s are not
allowed to consume beef as the cow is considered to be a sacred animal.
Carnivores have no fear, a replacement of chicken or lamb patties are
available and taste just as good with that famous special sauce.
Vegetarians there’s a burger for you, the McAloo Tikki made of breaded
and fried potatoes, peas and a “special spice mix.” 


Hawaii: In the Aloha state the typical staple breakfast of white rice, sausage, spam and scrambled eggs has been incorporated into McDonald’s menu.


Costa Rica: Gallo pinto, otherwise known as rice and beans, are a staple food in Costa Rica which comes as no shock to us that it’s offered as a side.


Italy: The Italians took the classic burger and gave it an up-grade; adding pancetta for extra flavor, and replacing the traditional bun with a ciabatta roll.


Turkey: The McTurko, exclusive in Turkey, is a warm fried pita stuffed with two beef patties, veggies, and cayenne pepper sauce and can be accompanied by a side of onion rings.


Canada: Even the most decadent of seafood have made their McDonald’s debut, one I wouldn’t mind trying; the McLobster Roll. Sandwiched in between what appears to be a hotdog bun sits a mouth-watering serving of lobster salad.


The long list of peculiar McDonald’s items does not stop here – If you have tried any other interesting substitutions let us know!

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