The man is being charged with a-salt


What’s the deal with airline food? A 42-year-old Utah man was arrested upon landing in Salt Lake City Monday evening after being accused of throwing pretzels and peanuts at cabin crew on his Southwest Airlines flight from Los Angeles.


Pogos Paul Sefilian reportedly made several attempts to smoke an electronic cigarette on board the aircraft before the incident occurred. After growing tired of repeated warnings from flight crew to put the device away, Sefilian allegedly began pelting a flight attendant with his in-flight snacks.


Sefilian was arrested immediately after landing in Salt Lake City. He remained in a Davis County jail Wednesday with a hearing scheduled for tomorrow.


Source: USA Today

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  1. J. Duvalier

    This guy is a total idiot. He should have just gone to the bathroom to do his vaping or sat quietly. Afterall, it isn’t that long a flight to SLC from LA. After this, I can see a new trend coming….nicotine suppositories.


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