Florida tourism on the rise in 2010


The BP oil spill devastated the Gulf Coast region, with many people changing their travel plans over the summer. But even with all the bad press and damage done to many beaches along the Gulf, travel was actually up for the second quarter compared to one year prior.


Visit Florida, the state’s tourism bureau, has reported an estimated 20.8 million travelers made their way to the Sunshine State in the second quarter, an increase of almost 3.5 percent when compared to the same time in 2009.


But it was not U.S. residents that helped boost tourism in Florida, but instead foreign foot traffic. Because while domestic visitors were up only 2.4 percent, Canadian visitors jumped by 10.4 percent and overseas visitors saw a spike of 11.9 percent between April and June.


The state of Florida has worked hard to convince people to visit since the Deepwater Horizon explosion last April. According to Governor Charlie Crist’s office, BP shelled out $25 million for tourism marketing to Florida, and
an additional $7 million to Northwest Florida counties.


The combination of heavy marketing, lower room rates, and a slowly improving economy have all helped Florida with their slow and steady comeback.


Are you planning to visit Florida or any other destination in the Gulf Coast region? If so, share with us your travel plans and tell others why now is the time to support Gulf Coast tourism.
Source: Miami Herald

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