San Diego is returning to normal Friday


Over one million people were without power in parts of Southern California Thursday night due to a massive blackout. The problem was thought to be caused by a transmission failure in Arizona.


The outage caused major disruptions in the area, well beyond making folks miss the first game of the NFL season. That’s because one of the 1.4 million customers without power was San Diego International Airport.


Flights to San Diego were canceled or diverted for much of the night Thursday and thousands of passengers were left stranded. However, power was eventually restored and San Diego flights were slowly returning to normal by Friday morning.


Officials from San Diego Gas and Electric said they were looking into the sequence of events that caused the blackout and pledged to take every precaution to prevent a repeat in the future. In the meantime, they are asking folks to conserve as much energy as possible this weekend as the situation remains delicate.


Source: New York Times

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