Will Flight Attendants Become Fight Attendants?



According to a report by the Los Angeles Times, flight attendants want Congress to train them to kick butt in case an unruly character comes aboard their plane.


The Associations of Flight Attendants would like combat training under a four-point plan which would include:


1) Hand-to-hand combat training for all crew members.


2) Portable devices that would enable flight attendants and pilots to communicate clearly with one another.


3) A standard size for carry-on bags in order for flight attendants to be able to spend more time looking out for “suspicious passengers” and less time dealing with oversized luggage.


4) Be able to turn off in-flight Wi-Fi if a plane is under “high-threat” and to stop “terrorists from communicating with collaborators on the ground.”


Currently combat training is voluntary with workers doing it in their spare time. But with flight attendants wielding so much responsibility once the plane is in flight, many believe this sort of training needs to be made mandatory as soon as possible.


Source: Los Angeles Times

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