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Luxury Travel Isn’t Out of Reach


It’s easy to be envious of celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who get to travel without any limitation. Destinations such as Monaco and Fiji are within reach thanks to lots of money and most likely, airline miles. We dream of having a private jet, traveling to nice places or staying in a 5-star resort instead of the Holiday Inn. Luckily, experience travelers can fill their craving for traveling as if you’re a million bucks without going broke.

Treat yourself to an upgrade: Ever do the walk of shame in an airplane? First class passengers are sitting comfortably while you are shuffling to the back to your cramped economy seat. Constant travelers should be able to save up or upgrade easily to experience the benefits of first class at least once. Do so cheaply on a National flight where you’ll be in true comfort for three hours without spending thousands on an expensive flight. For that amount of time, you’ll be sipping on mimosas as if you owned them!

Travel with good quality luggage: Regardless of your income, it is a necessity to travel with good luggage. It doesn’t mean you have to overspend on brands such as Samsonite or Coach. One piece of good quality luggage can last for ages. Women can especially feel rich and famous by investing in a designer carry-on bag. You might even find one on discount during your travels! One walk into the airport and you’ll be stopping the presses with a nice outfit on, high heels and your carry-on Louis Vutton bag.

Stay at an all-inclusive resort: When planning the perfect vacation, getting the best bang for your buck is crucial. Most tend to book hotels and flights together to get a better discount. Take this idea to the next level by booking an all-inclusive resort. Find destinations like Cancun or Punta Cana which feature exotic resorts that serve up the creme de la creme of everything that is luxury travel. Pay one price for your trip, arrive and indulge in the feeling of not spending a buck to order drinks for everyone at the pool bar!

Travel and do things in a group: It’s always nice to plan a big trip with friends or family members. Maybe you’re thinking of a girlfriend’s getaway with cheap flights to New York City or a family reunion at your parent’s home in Chicago. Big cities can be expensive with so many big name hotels. Traveling with others is always a money saver, but for a few extra bucks, you can find yourself having a nice upgrade. Perhaps consider renting a loft apartment after Spring Break season when prices drop. Stay in a fancy hotel outside of New York City with a bus close by with a gorgeous view of the skylike that your Manhattan friends will be jealous of! Even if you are a solo traveler, make friends at a hostel or hotel to save on daily activities. Who doesn’t love sitting together in a restaurant atop the Eiffel Tower sipping on a nice cup of coffee?

Travel to unknown destinations: Celebrities are always looking to be out of the spotlight, meanwhile, you are doing anything to be in it. The ultimate way to travel like the rich and famous is to actually do the opposite. When the world always has its eye on you, all you want to do is hide out in places that are remote and untouched. Obviously, we cannot afford a secret honeymoon like the royal couple Will and Kate, but consider luxury travel in cheap destinations. Think about renting a private suite in Buenos Aires, or have dinner fit for a King in Beijing.

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