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Destinations like Orlando, Florida are more affordable in the off-season


As Halloween rolls around, most people have literally packed
away any thought of traveling the rest of the year? Why is this? Typically due
to finances as most would claim. However, the months that people pass on travel,
is often the cheapest months to travel. Today we highlight how to travel
cheaply this off-season.


Use Social Media: That’s right, use social media to find
cheap travel opportunities. Many hotels for example offer giveaways or special
rates to Facebook fans or Twitter followers. Your chances are often much better
doing a Twitter giveaway than going to a hotel’s website, where there can be
thousands upon thousands of entries. Also, many magazines and travel companies
frequently tweet and post things on Facebook about current travel deals.


Enter Contests: Now we’re not talking about those pyramid
schemes where you enter the contest, but then have to sign up for a credit card
and a bunch of other bogus offers. Many destinations and hotels run giveaways on
their websites, which ask for little more than your name and email address.
More airlines, hotels and travel companies are doing this than ever before. You
can also find a lot of travel bloggers who are also holding giveaways.


Go Where People are Leaving: That’s right, go to places
where most people aren’t taking trips. These are destinations like Orlando, Miami, Dublin, Chicago and Las Vegas. Since it’s the off-season many hotels
offer extremely cheap accommodations, especially during the weekdays. Myrtle Beach
for example, has resort hotel rooms for as low as $40 per night during


Travel During the Holidays: Although flights can often be
more expensive during the holidays, consider a week or two-week vacation either
right before or after the holidays to experience both cheap flights and
accommodations. Many hotels and resorts offer special discounts on holidays
like Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Take A Cruise: While everyone else is bunkering down for
winter, get one last shot of summer with a Caribbean cruise. Cruises are some
of the cheapest ways to travel, with rates starting at $149. You can also
typically get either last minute cruise deals or specials for the holidays.

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