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Five Ways to Appreciate Good Wine

 Forget Scratch & Sniff, Swirl & Sniff!


Savoring wine is an art that needs both practice and innate taste. You won’t pick up these skills overnight (it’s not as easy as simply reading a textbook, I’m afraid), but you can practice certain habits that are sure to give you a deeper appreciation about the art. Here are ways to go further in your quest for deep wine appreciation:

Pair it With the Appropriate Food

Whether it’s the Pinot Noir, or a fine bottle of Australian Shiraz, pair the wine in question with the appropriate meal. Some meats will call for a full-bodied red, yet others for a crispy white wine. For good pairing suggestions, visit

Savor and remember the Flavors

Appreciating good wine takes time; hence it’s not for those who want to dash. After uncorking a good bottle, and pouring it into a glass, sniff and savor the smell of the wine alone before sipping. Then acknowledge the tastes you encounter (write them down in a journal, if possible, so you remember the notes) and savor them fully.

Remember the aromas

A good bottle of wine is best appreciated right after the corking. Sniff, savor and swirl the wine in the glass to see its viscosity as well as to appreciate the aromas. You’ll feel as though you’re drinking the wine well before you’ve sipped the contents.

Remember the Apps

There are a lot of great wine-tasting appreciation apps out there, including one from Snooth Wine Pro (at $4.99, it’s a steal). This app also has an image-based wine search and is a step up from Snooth Wine App, which is free. Other apps including the Pair It App gives you the appropriate food and snack suggestion to go with your wine.

Practice Makes Perfect

No one got great at the art of tasting wine overnight. If possible, start a weekly wine club in your area, book flights to Napa or some of the other fine wine destinations around the country, and learn to truly appreciate fine wines, week by week. Bottoms up!

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