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How Will you Pop the Question?


Are you getting ready to take the plunge? There are so many fantastic places around the world where you can propose, but so many have been done before. Bring a bit of style when you ask your fiancée the big question by finding a unique place to do it. Here are five ideas that will start your commitment with an amazing story:

Gibraltar: where else to proffer your rock than on this iconic one? Start with cheap tickets to London and then catch a short flight to this European microstate. Then, head out to the Moorish Castle to make the moment memorable.

Liechtenstein: While the bankers are handing off suitcases full of cash and gold under the tables, you can pass a diamond in plain sight. Packed between Switzerland and Austria – accessible by cheap tickets to Zurich – this tiny country is great for a side trip in the middle of a longer vacation. You’ll have to hide your excitement for the first few days you spend in Austria or Switzerland. And when you get to Liechtenstein … boom: she’ll leave much different from how she arrived!

On the water: Hit the canals of Amsterdam or Bruges (particularly the latter – incredibly romantic). Enlist the support of your tour guide, who can point your fiancée out as the latest “attraction” – at which point, you can announce your permanent attraction to her!

Montmartre: If you plan to make your big move in Paris, don’t do it on the bridges or at the Eiffel Tower. Instead, head to Montmartre, and choose the steps of Sacre Coeur. You’ll get amazing views of the city, and you won’t be harried much by the tourists. Also, there’s an amazing bakery up there at Place des Abbesses (at least there was when I was there in 2007) where you can get some celebratory pastry afterward. Whatever you do, don’t translate the name of the neighborhood when you propose. “Mountain of the Martyr” probably isn’t the best message to send at that point.

The airport: Layovers are always so boring … and this is one way to spice them up. Do it in the gate area for maximum effect (maybe you’ll get an upgrade!). Get bonus points by having the gate agent page your fiancée.

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photo: mackarus

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