Five Underrated U.S. Destinations
Cities like Detroit are worth a visit

After some time of traveling to various destinations around the U.S., it can be tough picking a new place to visit. Everyone knows about the major U.S. destinations, such as San Francisco, New York City, New Orleans, Chicago, and many more. However, there are tons of destinations that often get overshadowed, but are worth the visit nonetheless. Today, we discuss some of America's most underrated destinations.

Asheville, North Carolina: That's right, North Carolina. If you've never been to Western North Carolina, then you may be in for a surprise. This part of North Carolina is arguably one of the most beautiful parts of America, especially come fall when the leaves are changing colors. One moment you can be enjoying mimosas in downtown Asheville and a couple hours later be on top of the highest peak east of the Mississippi River, Mt. Mitchell. For no bigger than Asheville is, it has one of the most eclectic cultures in the U.S.

Detroit, Michigan: Detroit is really the only destination on this list that qualifies as a metropolis. You're probably wondering why Detroit is on this list of underrated destinations when it gets such a bad rap for its outward appearances. However, Detroit offers unique experiences that give it a certain character you won't find elsewhere. Much of America, such as the auto industry and mainstream music, has Detroit to thank for the industries it has influenced. Visitors can get an insider's view of these industries by visiting the Motown Museum, Henry Ford Museum, and Ford Factory. Look past the appearances and you'll see some unique travel experiences that Detroit has to offer.

Cape May, New Jersey: This is no Jersey Shore. No fist pumps here. If you're looking for a different spot for a summer beach vacation, then add Cape May to the list. This quant beach town is located a little further north up the east coast, making it a little more comfortable come this time of year. You won't find any high-rise hotels, but you will find cozy bed and breakfasts that are within walking distance of the beach. For a break from the beach, there's a shopping district in downtown. If you're looking for a vibrant nightlife, you'll have to look elsewhere. Cape May is for the beach bum.

Savannah, Georgia: We talk about Savannah a lot here. That's how much we like it. If for no other reason, then you can walk around all you want with a beer in hand. How many U.S. destinations can you do that in? Savannah features some of the best food the south has to offer. Crab cakes and shrimp and grits are a must. While you may have done ghost tours before, we recommend one of Savannah's evening ghost tours, which are regarded as one of the best in the world. If you want some beach time, Tybee Island is just a half-hour away.

Taos, New Mexico: Have you even heard of Taos, New Mexico? Not to worry if you haven't, since not many have with its population of around 5,000. This is one of the most versatile destinations on this list. One moment you can be hiking on one of the many local trails, and another taking the short drive to one of the area ski slopes. Popular for retreats among artists and writers, this is an ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of bigger cities.

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