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Traveling is often labeled as an experience where one relaxes and enjoys their vacation. It is leisure time to kick back, relax and unwind from the real world. Some travelers actually enjoy the art of learning abroad; whether it is for a weekend or for a few months time. There is something special about being in a new place and acquiring a new skill; a stimulation for the mind and body that will be an experience with twice the reward.


Cooking Lessons Abroad: Part of the travel experience is indulging in succulent dishes during your travels. You might love the Aruban seafood or the savory pasta dishes Italy is known for. Maybe you’re a great cook at home, or you practically burn water; either way, one can enjoy the opportunity to cook abroad. Culinary tourism is a fantastic market and reason to take a trip abroad. Not only will you learn how to professionally cook a fantastic meal, you will be able to do so in your own home. Most classes take you into the city to local markets for the hands-on experience.


Learning a New Language Abroad: It is often said the best way to learn a language is to live in the location where it is spoken. Maybe you’re ready to test your College level Spanish on a Spring Break vacation to Spain, but you want to master the local dialect. It is extremely easy to find language classes abroad; whether it is a one day brush-up course, or a 3 week class. Look for local Universities for even cheaper deals to master a language. Who knows, you may end up staying if you assimilate into the culture enough!


Studying Abroad: For decades, study abroad programs have been the essential gate for the youth to have the chance to travel. It is the best of both worlds- learning at a prestigious University in a beautiful, new setting. (As long as you’re not distracted by sightseeing and partying all the time!) It opens a young traveler’s eyes to new challenges abroad; responsibilities of taking care of yourself in a foreign land. Just imagine yourself studying Philosophy where it originated in the ancient Greek cities.


Global Retreats: Everyone is looking for the most relaxing experience, especially if you’re a hard worker with limited vacation time. Rather than opting for a typical beach bum vacation, why not consider a global retreat. Catered to your needs and preferences, there are many options to finding a new way to relax the mind and body. Who knew you could practice beach yoga on the sandy coast of Cabo San Lucas? Perhaps a three-day California vacation in the desert where you can relax and learn how to de-stress is just what the doctor ordered. With a little research, a unique retreat can truly change the way you travel.


Digital Photography Abroad: Who doesn’t love capturing photographs on a trip? But, do you often find yourself disappointed when your photographs don’t capture the essence of the moment? Don’t blame yourself or your camera; instead why not invest in a Digital Photography course. You don’t need to travel to the furthest foreign lands; you could find local classes that travel within a reasonable distance. Professionals can teach you fantastic tricks on how to capture beautiful landscapes, portraits of locals or a new perspective on how you view things when you travel. Or, it can be a fantastic excuse to find yourself in London to capture all the glitz and glamour of an aboriginal city.


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