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Airport Parking Tips


Travel planning itself can often be the most stressful part of taking a trip. Airport parking alone can compound that stress, especially if you're traveling on the weekend or during peak times. However, we've come up with a few tips that will help planning your next trip a little easier.


Park on-site at the airport if you're running late: Parking at the airport is going to be your most expensive option. Of course the bigger the airport, the more expensive it's going to be, with daily costs running anywhere from $10 to $30 per day. However, if you're running late or cutting it close, this will put you closest to your terminal.


Save costs by using public transportation: The cheapest alternative is typically going to be public transportation. Trains and buses usually let you out right at your terminal. This is a better option if you have plenty of time to spare and can stand to waste some time while waiting for the bus or train.


Use a nearby parking lot: Nearby airport parking lots can be a great option for frequent travelers. Some of them have rates for as low as $5 per day. Shuttles run frequently, usually ever 5 minutes and pick you up at your car to take you to the airport. This can often take just as much time as parking at the airport when you consider the time looking for a parking spot and walking or taking the shuttle to your terminal. Some of them have member privileges with discounts for frequent travelers.


Book a parking spot online: Similarly to the last tips, some airport parking lots allow you to book online. This accomplishes a couple things. First, it assures you a parking spot, which can be important if flying on the weekend or a holiday. This can also save you a few dollars sometimes.


Park nearby and take a taxi: If you don't want to deal with airport parking, consider parking somewhere near the airport and having a taxi take you. Some hotels allow you to leave your car in their parking lot, often at a nominal fee. Another recommendation is to leave it a nearby friend's house or place of business.

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