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Call it the Cosmopolitan city, but don’t forget about the rich and vibrant culture the city of Barcelona has. From the look and feel of the city streets, it is a modern city with historic flair. It’s easy to get caught up enjoying the rush of the tourist experience, but try to take advice from the locals. Enjoy the city without a care in the world; take it easy and enjoy a siesta mid-day so you have lots of energy to enjoy these traditional activities the next time you’ve booked flights to Barcelona.
Share tapas with locals: While some might not be as friendly to share their food, share in the Spanish tradition and share with others! Spaniards love tapas; snacks or finger food that comes in a variety of flavors. To enjoy tapas like a true Spaniard, you must have a glass of wine and a relaxed attitude. Some traditional favorites are Calamares Fritos: Fried Squid, Patatas Bravas: Potatoes with Spicy sauce and Croquetas de Jamon: Ham Croquettes
Watch a flamenco show: Argentina has the romantic tango, New York has dirty dancing and Barcelona has the flirty flamenco. This passionate dance shows the smooth expression of the Spanish culture and dance. Even if Flamenco is not traditionally Catalan, it is a big part of the Spanish culture. Authentic dance would be nothing without the sultry sounds of the Spanish guitar.
Museu Picasso: One of the most prominent figures in the art world has his museum in the heart of Barcelona. Pablo Picasso’s art is world renown and a trip to Barcelona is not complete unless you view his collection. Over 3,000 pieces make up his collection; Picasso’s relationship and love for the city of Barcelona is quite evident in his work and in the museum.
La Bocqueria: Abre la boca, or open your mouth to the wide, fresh variety of goods at La Boqueria. Though it is one of the city’s biggest tourist attractions, locals come here to buy fresh foods for traditional Catalan cuisine. The market dates back to the 13th century; where meat was once sold. Today, you can purchase fruit, vegetables, meats and other random goods. You can always negotiate and find the best deal at the market; just make sure to speak just a little Spanish.
FC Barcelona Stadium: Home to one of the best playing clubs in Europe, FC Barcelona calls The Camp Nou (their stadium) home for regular soccer (football) matches. It is an experience to be in the middle of the action during a home game; Spanish fans are often vocal about their team. It is one of the most emotional and intense venue in sports; especially when they play against their archrivals Real Madrid. Hold on to your tapas folks; this game could get ugly.



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