Five Tips for Surviving the Thanksgiving Holiday
Survive this Thanksgiving with these tips!


It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is less than a couple weeks away. It means time for family road trips, traffic jams, lots of food and the illustrious Black Friday that follows. We know how cumbersome Thanksgiving can be for people traveling this holiday so we’ve come up with a few tips to help you survive it.


1. Watch the Christmas parades: I know what you’re thinking, why watch the Christmas parades when it’s the same thing every year. However, the parades seem to bring families together into one room and glue them to the TV set. Plus, later in the day when you want to turn on football or go to the movies you can use that to your advantage.


2. Travel on Thanksgiving Day: Sure you might have to get up early or cut out some of your visiting, but it’s going to beat the traffic, airline delays and long lines. Most people have arrived at their destination by Thanksgiving Day, which often makes for traveling on Thanksgiving being like most days. This is especially the case for driving, when most people don’t want to be in the car on Thanksgiving.


3. Eat as much turkey as possible: Everyone knows that there are two days out of the year that diets take a sabbatical, and that’s Christmas and Thanksgiving. You’ve got 363 days to be on your best behavior and only 2 to pig out, so none of this “I’m watching my figure stuff”. However, make sure you eat plenty of turkey because everyone knows it makes you tired; that way you won’t feel guilty when you fall asleep while the family is visiting with one another.


4. Take a day trip: Either before or after Thanksgiving Day, take a trip for yourself, even if it’s just a half-day or day jaunt. Head to the beach or the mountains to have your own travel Thanksgiving celebration for yourself. If you’re really bold, dip out on Thanksgiving altogether and take a trip to somewhere tropical.


5. Go offline:  That’s right, put down your iPod, iPhone, laptop and every other gadget you have and enjoy some of those in-person relationships. The Internet isn’t going anywhere and it’ll be here when you get back.


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