It's getting cold outside, why not visit the warm beaches of Ft. Lauderdale!?



If you live or have traveled anywhere in the north recently, than you know that although the beginning of winter is still weeks away, winter temperatures have already arrived.


This could make for a long winter for residents and travelers to the north. However, to escape those cold temperatures and put back on those shorts, consider these five warmer destinations.


San Antonio, Texas: Warm any time of year, it’s not likely you’ll find a month in San Antonio where you can enjoy putting back on those shorts and t-shirts. With its location in Texas, this is one of the better times of year to visit, as the temperatures have cooled significantly from those 100-degree summer days. A trip to San Antonio can’t be had without


Savannah, Georgia: Savannah is another destination that you can often be found wearing shorts late into the fall. Although still humid some days, this time of year is much more pleasant to be outside and enjoy all the great outdoor activities the historic city has to offer. Although located on the riverfront, the beach is less than 30 minutes away.


Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Pack your swimming gear for Fort Lauderdale as this time of year is still warm enough to enjoy nice days on the beach. With many 70 and 80-degree days, Fort Lauderdale is a great choice for a late fall beach vacation.


New Orleans, Louisiana: Although still impacted by lingering effects of Katrina, New Orleans has bounced back quickly. A popular holiday spot, New Orleans humidity has finally come down enough that travelers can enjoy a pleasant trip. Many weekends leading up to the end of the year offer plenty of music festivals and other events that complement the many other attractions it has to offer.


Charleston, South Carolina: Just north of Savannah, Georgia, Charleston is probably as far north you want to go before hitting cooler weather. Similar to Savannah in its history and charm, Charleston is a little bigger and offers some of the best beaches in the Carolinas. Charleston is known for their carriage and walking tours of the city, which can pleasantly be enjoyed this time of year.

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