Five Scenic Train Routes in Europe, Flickr: yeowatzup

Trans-Siberian Railway


While finding cheap flights is still the preferred means of travel for most people, there’s still something captivating about a scenic train ride once you’ve gotten to your destination. There seems to be just something timeless about train travel and especially train travel in Europe, which features some of the most beautiful routes in the world. To help inspire your next trip to Europe, we’ve put together this list of some of the best train trips in Europe.

Frankfurt to Cologne: When most people think of Germany, they don’t always think of Frankfurt and Cologne. However, for a little bit of a shorter train ride and a different way to see Germany, hope on this train from Frankfurt to Cologne. While it’s a 100 mile ride, travelers can often arrive in as little as an hour. This isn’t your typical urban train, as travelers can enjoy sipping on German beer and snacking on cheese while watching the scenery buzz by.

Trans-Siberian Railway: For an iconic rail experience, few measure with the famous Trans-Siberian Railway. However, this is no quick jaunt like the Frankfurt to Cologne route, as the traditional route crosses several time zones. While you might not be ready to spend days on a train, don’t rule it out, as passengers are greeted with amenities that include private carriages with TVs, DVD players, and more. See a part of the natural world that few have experienced.

London to Disneyland, Paris: If you’re looking for a family-friendly route, then the London to Disneyland train trip is the one for you. Plus, how many people do you know who have said they took the train to Disneyland? Passengers are sent off with live jazz music and kids are given theme park packets to help get them ready for arriving at Disneyland. This is a doable day trip, as the route tops out at three hours, but you may consider doing at least an overnight stay, if not a weekend stay in Paris.

Swiss Chocolate Train: What better way to indulge on a train ride than with chocolate in hand. The route includes beautiful views of Switzerland, including the famous Lake Geneva. Enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of Cailler-Nestle Chocolate Factory and make sure you pick up some fresh chocolate to help make the train ride even more enjoyable. This is a good day trip and includes a visit to a cheese-making factory and Gruyeres Castle.

Orient Express Venice to Paris: The Orient Express and train travel are synonymous with one another. The famous train and route dates back decades to the early 1900s. The routes have evolved significantly over the years, but the most popular route currently is from Venice to Paris. For those looking for something a little bit more luxurious, then this is the train trip for you. The trip is a full day and overnight trip, with features that include afternoon tea and fine dining. Not to mention the beautiful back country that passengers will be winding their way through.


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