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Big cities often portrayed in cinematic films make a tourist even more enthusiastic to book cheap flights to that place. Countless stories take place in New York City; the backdrop so many directors use a setting to their movie. Who wouldn’t fall in love with scenes of lush Central Park or a kiss under a romantic skyline sunset? These romantic New York City movie moments make us want to rewind our DVD-players again and again, if not book the next flight for our own search of an epic movie moment.

My Sassy Girl: Imagine being in love with a girl so crazy she’d actually make you think that love actually hurts. (Physically) In the remake of this romantic Korean film, My Sassy Girl chronicles the topsy-turvy fated relationship of a peculiar young woman and a rigid young man. Throughout their strange relationship, she makes him go through strange shenanigans to determine if they are meant to be. In one scene, she initiates a game in Grand Central Terminal station that involves them slapping each other. You can’t help but admire her silly quirks and his exuberant tolerance for this unique gal. Yet, the best movie moment is when they meet at Central Park to exchange love letters under a bonsai tree; it is a scene you must see and possibly reenact.

Serendipity: Letting love be determined by fate isn’t a new idea; it seems to be a recurring theme in love songs, literature and movies. Kate Beckinsale and John Cusak star in this romantic comedy to prove fate is a strong force to be reckoned with. Besides falling in love with the strange but sweet love story between the characters, viewers will love how many New York City landmarks are in the film. The movie begins during Christmas shopping season; a time when the city lights up majestically for lovers to enjoy. Take a date to Wolman Rink and reenact the scene when the main characters ice skate in Central Park together. The snow falls gracefully as the two star crossed lovers begin their serendipitous journey that will take them through time and the city of New York.

An Affair to Remember: Seeing photographs of old New York is riveting not only for travelers, but Native New Yorkers who can take a trip into time to enjoy the changes the city has been through Even more so when you watch a film that portrays the ambiance and attitude of the time and city. Deemed one of the most romantic films of all time, according to the American Film Institute, An Affair to Remember takes place in 1950’s New York. After meeting aboard the SS Constitution en route from Europe to New York, despite both being involved, they find themselves falling for each other on this confined ship. Who can’t forget the scene when they are approaching New York City; with the Empire State Building in the background as they agree to meet on the top in six month’s time to see what will happen.

It Could Happen to You: Winning the lottery is one of those occasions that will change your life for the better, or for the worse, depending on what you do with your money. In the 90’s film It Could Happen to You, native Queens policeman Charlie played by Nicholas Cage is unable to tip waitress Yvonne (Bridget Fonda) who is bankrupt. It is the set up for a romantic rendezvous; Charlie makes a silly promise to double the tip or half his prospective lotto winnings the next day. He ends up winning and despite his wife’s protest keeps his promise to Yvonne. The two end up beginning a budding romance together as they take epic train journeys; spend a day treating children at Yankee Stadium in The Bronx and overall enjoying the simple splendors the city has to offer. Whether you have lottery winnings or a backpacker budget, there is plenty to do as a couple; even if it is just randomly riding the subway together.

A lot like Love: Love can find itself in strange places and in this Romantic film, Oliver and Emily connect over a flight from Los Angeles to New York. After joining the mile high club, the movie spans their on and off tries to be with each other. Their first “date” is probably the simplest and most romantic way to enjoy New York. They spend the day sharing drinks together in the East Village (A great place for Happy Hour) and taking photographs in random places in different New York City neighborhoods. Though in a big city, together they connect and enjoy the sights and sounds of New York and each other.

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    I know it’s not one of the classics, but from the romance movies set in New York I like Crocodile Dundee the most… it’s so lovely. 🙂 I like Sleepless in Seattle as well, it is beautiful and the Empire States Building scene at the end is priceless.

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