There are few things in life more romantic than exploring an unknown locale with someone you love. Whether it’s walking arm in arm down a cobblestone street, snuggling on a sunset cruise, or hiking in the mountains together, the memories you make while traveling with that special someone will last a lifetime. Truth be told, almost any place can be special if you’re with the right person. In the interest of helping you decide, here are five romantic destinations for your next trip as a couple:

Barcelona, Spain


Having recently spent a week in Barcelona with the love of my life, I can say firsthand that it’s incredibly captivating. Take a stroll through Gaudì’s famous Parc Güell, tuck into cozy tavernas for tapas and wine, explore the historic Gràcia district, or hop on the train for a day trip to a nearby beach town (Sitges is a great option). There are plenty of ways to enjoy Catalonia with your sweetheart.

Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo is one of those cities you can really get lost in (literally and figuratively), which makes it incredibly enchanting. There’s nothing like being completely out of your element linguistically and culturally to make you live in the moment and really enjoy exploring with your special guy or gal. Tokyo’s temples, palace courtyards, and historic neighborhoods provide an idyllic setting for an intimate escapade. Foodie couples will revel in the vast array of fresh sushi, soba, sukiyaki, and more.

San Juan, Puerto Rico


San Juan’s brightly colored buildings, gorgeous weather, and beautiful beaches provide the perfect backdrop for a passionate getaway. From the winding streets and cozy eateries of Old San Juan to the high-end resorts and casinos (and gorgeous beaches) in the Condado District, there’s something for every couple in this accessible, fun, and seductive city.

New York City, USA


There’s something about the hustle and bustle of New York City that’s electrifying, and its effect is amplified when you’re there with someone you love. Whether it’s catching a show at MOMA and tucking into Manhattan bars in the middle of winter or having a casual dinner on the sidewalk in Brooklyn, The Big Apple will win your heart time after time.

Paris, France


This list would not be complete without the capital of romance. Over the past 20 years, I’ve fallen in love in and with Paris numerous times. There’s something about the world-class museums, quaint cafés, and long walks through Paris’s diverse neighborhoods that open my heart to new possibilities. The great thing about Paris is that you don’t need to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower and pop the question to make the trip a memorable one. Simply walking through an outdoor market, having a glass of wine outside a café, or buying a magazine from a tabac feels special because you’re in Paris with the one you love. Heck, even the Métro can be romantic (depending on who you’re riding next to).

What romantic places have you visited? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments section.
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