Five Reasons to Visit San Jose del Cabo, Flickr: Clay Irving

A San Jose del Cabo Sunset

Visitors sometimes confuse San Jose del Cabo with Cabo San Lucas’ but it is Cabo’s elegant neighbor. It’s best to access San Jose del Cabo the same way you access Cabo San Lucas, and is considered the “Old Town” section of the Cabo area. Here are some interesting facts about Cabo San Lucas, and a visit may not be so hard to pull off if you consider these cheap flights to San Jose del Cabo:

Charming Resort City: San Jose del Cabo is known for its Mexican charm as well as its high caliber resorts. It is much quieter in vibe compared to Cabo itself, so this is a good spot if you want to take a break from the party scene of Cabo San Lucas.

The Plaza: The historic colonial atmosphere and friendliness are highlights of San Jose del Cabo, and there’s no better place to experience this than at the Plaza Mijares, which is flanked by older trees and provides a rustic, warm setting for rendezvous and pleasant strolls.

The Mission Church: This is the main Roman Catholic Church serving the parish, and because of its historic age and its significance to the people of San Jose del Cabo, it’s a must visit. Established in 1730 by Father Nicholas Tamaral, this church was part of the Jesuit colonization of Baja California. Today’s version of the twin-towered church was built in 1932 after the mission was attacked by Pericu Indians in 1734.

Golfing: The city is known for its golf courses, so it’s not all about eating, strolling and sunbathing here! If you want to tee off in style, consider visiting the Palmilla Golf Club which has three nine-hole courses.

Dining: From the popular Don Emiliano restaurant (which has one of the few female chefs in the area) to Tequila, the food at San Jose del Cabo includes ethnic flavors, from Thai to authentic Mexican. For European cuisine, visitors can’t go wrong by going to Damiana, a small hacienda at the plaza.


Photo: Clay Irving

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