Five Reasons to Plan Your Next Scuba Vacation in Fort Lauderdale

Swim with the Fishes!


Apart from its beaches, casinos, boardwalks, restaurants and terrific dining experiences, the Greater Fort Lauderdale area is also well known for its scuba offerings. Here are five deep blue sea reasons why you should consider packing your scuba gear to Fort Lauderdale.

The Ancient Mariner (Deerfield Beach): There’s a large Grouper that is associated with this wreck and and some call him the guardian. This was once a Coastguard Cutter in the 1930s and now it’s located off the coast of Deerfield Beach. It was once a floating restaurant.

Anglin’s Pier Reef (Lauderdale by the Sea): This underwater diving experience has shallow waters (only 15 feet) so your tank can last you a while. Scuba into the reef filled with pastel-colored coral and rock formations. This reef is just a short walk from the beachfront area.

Barracuda Reef (Dania Beach): There’s a 10-15-foot ledge that arises dramatically from the bottom of the reef, and is a great place for fishing and scuba diving. There’s a lot of staghorn, star and brain coral to be found here as well.

Wreck of the Jay Scutti (Fort Lauderdale):
An artificial reef was constructed for the 1997 tugboat that now rests here, and there’s a collection of wrecks in this area. The area is also immensely overgrown with sponges and tunicates.

Tenneco Towers (Fort Lauderdale):
This is the largest artificial reef in Southeast Florida, and was created in 1985 when Tenneco Oil sank oil production platforms. 97 feet will give you the smallest platform depth for scuba diving, and two deeper ones are at 190 feet. There are plenty of colorful inhabitants in these towers including sea turtles and queen angel fish.

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