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Cowboys Stadium: Home to the world's largest LED screen (CC Flickr photo credit: David Jones)
Cowboys Stadium: home to the world’s largest LED screen


Everyone recognizes New York City in movies while Miami is in mentioned in plenty of pop hits. But, did you know there are many references to American pop culture and history right in Dallas, Texas?


These poignant moments in pop history are now permanent treasures which tourists boarding flights to Dallas can visit to get a glimpse of important events or what true American style is in Texas.


6th Floor Museum: Everyone knows where they were the moment former President JFK was tragically assassinated. In honor of his memory, a unique museum was created to tell the story of this important day in history. With the help of an audio tour, footage and a well developed museum discussing the multiple opinions about his death, it is a must see for any American and tourist who wants to understand a bit more. The museum includes a gaze out of the 6th floor window to gain shooter Lee Harvey Oswald’s perspective when he shot JFK.


First 711: Imagine living without something being 24 hours; whether you have a 24 hour gas station or a 24- hour diner, you’ll never underestimate its convenience. Yet, in the olden days, these kind of stores barely existed. Many have grown to know and love 7-11 for its friendly appeal of serving any kind of last minute need. Yet, little do most people know the first 7-11 was built in Dallas. It all started based on an idea to provide a better service other than selling ice. By selling goods at a slightly higher price at crazy hours in the morning, people soon began to appreciate after hour convenience over price. Soon they would eventually be the first 24 hour convenience store, known worldwide.


Booker T Washington High School: Many recognize some of America’s finest institutions, such as Harvard and Yale in the heart of the Northeast. But, don’t underestimate the brains down South. Though it appears to be a typical Dallas high school, Booker T. Washington High School is one of the highest exemplary schools in the country. Also, it is fun to note there are many famous alumni who include Norah Jones and Erykah Badu.


NASCAR: Nothing says Americana like a trip to the tracks for NASCAR racing, espacially in Texas. Being a part of the fast and the furious action sure gets the vacation going if you happen to be in Dallas.  The Texas Motor Speedway holds the annual event which many look forward to; wishing they were behind the wheel of these fast cars. Perhaps if you find a great Living Social deal, you could find yourself enjoying 5 minutes on the track yourself!


Cowboys Stadium: Are you ready for some football? Dallas is nationally known for its respectable professional football team and is widely known as one of the best NFL cities. Not only have the Cowboys won several Super Bowls, they are one of the few to do so in consecutive years. They are also known for their world famous cheerleaders that tour internationally to perform and provide volunteer work abroad. Their newly opened Cowboys Stadium is truly a spectacle. The enormous stadium can hold 110,000 spectators and is home to the world’s largest LED screen. Besides enjoying the nice view of the stadium and a good matchup, make sure to enjoy the spirit of Dallas , you work hard to play hard!


CC Flickr photo credit: David Jones

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