Caffe Trieste in San Francisco, California

Five caffeine worthy stops in the City by the Bay


There has to be something about San Francisco that gets
tourists flocking here for some California sun. Besides Rice-a-Roni and the Golden
Gate Bridge, visitors to San Francisco boast about the relaxing environment and
colorful neighborhoods. With so much to do and see, be a local and observe this
unique city with a cup of coffee.


Caffe Trieste: Since the 1950s, Caffe Trieste has been offering a little
more than a good cup of coffee. Locals seem to come back for the legendary
espresso for the best cup in the city. The owners trace their roots straight to
Italy; using old world techniques to serve each cup. It's a great place for
travelers to sit and people watch. If you're looking for something more active,
one Saturday every month, an Italian Folk music band performs live.


Atlas Cafe: If travelers can appreciate one thing, it is a place to have
coffee and unwind. Atlas Cafe is the best of both worlds; a relaxing cafe
during the day, and a fun place to lounge at night. It's known as a great place
for the community and to really get in touch with the locals. Enjoy some of
California's best micro-brewed beers outside on the sunny patio and come back
at night for free live music from Bluegrass, Blues to even Jazz. You’ll even be
able to brag about this place by connecting with your family back home with
free wifi access.


Philz Coffee: What makes Philz Coffee a little different than other coffee
places is the owner's philosophy on coffee itself. Passionate about coffee all
his life, Phil Jaber feels coffee shouldn't have to be a single original bean.
All 20 of his coffee brands are made using different methods and a mixture of
combined beans to make a unique complex blend. You can't help but wonder about
the Code 33 blend; made for the San Francisco Police Department to keep them
alert. If you're wondering why the z at the end instead of an s; it was a
recommendation from his daughter to give the place a kick. Luckily, the coffee
house has built a solid reputation for great customer service and unique
coffee; in their various locations all over San Francisco.


Spike's Coffee and Tea: You can't help but love the motto of Spike's Coffees and
Tea: Serving up our neighborhood's most celebrated Coffees Teas and Smiles.
They pride themselves on being the best independent coffeehouse in the area.
They also make wonderful contributions back to the community they server by
donating to local organizations. They really evoke the idea of a place to relax
by even asking customers to silence their mobile devices.


Nani's Coffee: Besides having an exotic name for a coffee shop, this family
owned coffee shop has been providing the finest coffee options since 2002. With
a passion for high quality products, locals can appreciate the great prices,
which is why they come back. Take a trip around the world in this coffee shop
with great selections such as Tanzanian Peaberry, Brazil Santos blend and the
Costa Rican Doka Estate; grown on the slopes of a volcano in Costa Rica. It is
an oasis for relaxation with soothing classical music, a great selection of
magazines to browse and a gracious ambiance from the staff.


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