Fall has arrived and before we know it winter will be knocking on the door. Although maybe you don’t consider October and November some of the typical best times to travel, there are many destinations in the U.S., whose best time to travel to is in the fall. Below you’ll find our five picks of where to travel this fall off-season.



If you head to Asheville before the end of the month, you’ll hit the best two weeks to visit this metro that sits in the valley of the Appalachian mountains. The fall foliage is just starting to hit their peak and although situated in the mountains, Asheville is far enough south to still be comfortable this time of year. Furthermore,  you can hit the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway before it closes for the winter, when the ice and snow storms shut it down.


New York City

New York City has so much to offer, there often isn’t one month the stands out as the best to visit, although the fall months make a hard push for it. This time of year makes it much more bearable as you wait for that subway to take you up and down Manhattan. Many of the parks, including Washington Square and Central Park are beautiful with the changing colors and the decorations as the city starts preparing for Christmas.



Key West

Key West stands out as one of the best beach destinations this time of year. If you want to escape the cooler temperatures or have one last tropical hoorah before winter sets in, then Key West is the place to do it. Consider flying into Miami and taking the Scenic Highway 1 to enjoy the miles of beautiful coastline and crystal clear water.



San Antonio

The fall months mark when you finally want to consider going as far south as San Antonio. Known for their beautiful riverfront, it can often be to fully enjoy during the summer and early fall months when you’re still experiencing 90-degree days. This time of year you can keep the short sleeves out and enjoy taking the river taxi from spot to spot in San Antonio.



Las Vegas

Unless you’re a loyal poker player, Vegas might not be on the top of your “to-see” list. However, fall in Las Vegas means even cheaper prices for a destination that is already one of the cheapest in America. The late fall months bring temperatures down some, which make it enjoyable to walk the strip and see some of the things off the strip, like Red Canyon Park, just outside of Sin City.


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