The Alamo in San Antonio, Flickr Cred:claeskrantz

The Alamo in San Antonio

With one of the worst winters in past history over, most people are welcoming spring break with open arms. While many places aren't out of the woods yet, it doesn't mean you can't start planning your spring break trip now. While Myrtle Beach, Miami, and Daytona Beach often get a lot of attention this time of year, we came up with a few non-cliché spring break destinations in the U.S.

St. Simon's Island: Many people may not even be aware what state St. Simon's Island is in, let alone ever heard of it. Located south of Savannah, St. Simon's Island is set off from the rest of Georgia. What makes St. Simon's Island such a great destination, is that it caters to families, couples, and singles. While it includes private beach houses for families, it also features beach hotels that couples and younger travelers may prefer. It also has a great dining and entertainment scene.

Charleston: Charleston is a great destination no matter what time of year. Spring Break is a good choice because travelers can enjoy warm days without the summer humidity. Charleston features a lot of things to do in the area, from museums, to boating, to surfing, to ghost tours. It also features some of the best cuisine in the south.

Gulf Shores: While the oil spill affected tourism along the shores of Alabama last year, Gulf Shores is back stronger than ever. Gulf Shores features the best of both worlds with a great beach scene, but then Mobile is within driving distance for travelers who want some of the city life. This is the perfect time of year to visit Gulf Shores to beat the summer rush.

San Antonio: While there's no beach or snowy slopes in San Antonio, this is the best time of year to visit before it gets too warm to spend much time outdoors. San Antonio's greatest feature is the river walk, which is lined with San Antonio's best restaurants, nightlife, and hotels. Visitors can enjoy walking along the river or taking the water taxi from place to place.

Jackson Hole: We couldn't talk about spring break and not include at least one snowy destination. While many ski slopes are closing this time of year, there are many great snowy mountains that await the further north you go, including Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Snowmobiling, skiing, and snowboarding are still available late winter and early spring.

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