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It’s hard to keep track of all the new apps coming out on a monthly, weekly and sometimes daily basis. But we’ve sifted through to track down five of the best recent additions that are sure to help you on your travels.


Haunted Hotels (Available for the iPhone and iPad): A great one that’s been released just in time for Halloween – haunted hotels lists nearly 200 places to stay where you may have some unexpected company in the bedroom. There are plenty on the East Coast if you want to get the wind up you.


GasBag (Available for the iPhone and iPod Touch):  You’ll need this on road trips – just as the Starbucks app tells you
where your nearest fix of free WiFi is, GasBag calculates where to get
the cheapest gas in the vicinity. It’ll also log your mileage and tell
you how efficient your car is, which you might want to do something
about when you get back.


Mobile Gay Guide (Available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch): It can be a bit harder for LGBT travelers tracking down the hottest nightlife using traditional guidebooks, so these will be a lifesaver – 23 guides to gay nightlife in major US cities. The latest batch released this summer included Miami, Boston and Denver.

Next Flight (New version just released. Available for the iPhone and iPad): Good for both the person who always misses their flight or the one who arrives at the airport so early they may as well catch an earlier flight. Basically, it does what it says – you given them your origin and destination, and it’ll list all the flights for the day in question.

Rachael Ray $40 a Day (Available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch): On a budget but want good food? Perfect. This app will locate the places visited in Rachael Ray’s series where she managed to eat every day for $40. Each listing takes you to its website and pulls up recipes featured on the TV, and you can add your own reviews, too.


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  1. Val

    Gayjin is another travel guide on iPhone and iPod Touch for gay and lesbian community. Gayjin apps have built-in offline city maps and many cool listings of the gay gathering places. Was very helpful to me in order to get to meet cute guys in London this year. As far as I can see in their webpage Gayjin covers London, Buenos Aires, Riga and Puerto Vallarta.


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