Five Must-see Film Sets in Seattle, Flickr: Derrick Coetzee

 Alki Beach


Seattle may not be as well known or traveled as other Western cities such as Los Angeles or Vancouver, but many still find themselves being introduced to this lovely but rainy city. Seen in many pop culture films, we get a glimpse of what it may be like to live in Seattle through the eyes of the director. It is a great sneak preview before actually book flights to Seattle and visit this overlooked, yet fun city.

Say Anything: Remember that late 80s film that was actually called one of the greatest modern romance films? Say Anything is a coming of age film starring the young John Cusack in his pursuit of the beautiful and intelligent Diane Courty played by Ione Skye. Set in the city of Seattle, we actually get to see a lot of sunny days as opposed to what locals say about the weather always being a little dampy and rainy. Nonetheless, we can picture the quiet suburbs of late 80’s Seattle as a quiet place, but now in the late 2010’s, it will always be that place where Lloyd and Diane found a summer romance.

10 Things I Hate About You: Yet another teenaged comedy was set in this time late 90s Seattle as a place that represented a story told centuries ago. Based on the modernization of Shakespheare’s The Taming of the Shrew, the 1999 film was a teen sensation, even if they had no idea it was adapted. If you’re not lost in the teenaged drama, you’ll be able to identify many locations. The entire movie was filmed in very local regions of Seattle, also including parts of Tacoma. Scenes include parts of Alki Beach, Tacoma Stadium High School and Seattle’s Century Ballrooom, where the high school prom took place.

Sleepless in Seattle: Is it just us or do we notice a theme about American romantic comedies taking place in Seattle? Based on another epic romantic film, An Affair to Remember, Sleepless in Seattle tells the story of two lovers who met by chance.  Though we don’t want to give away why the movie has this strange title, we can assure you it is not because Seattle puts you to sleep. The movie is true Americana, the search for true love in an overly single place, especially in a big city. It is our introduction to modern Seattle as a place where you can find love or fall in love with a city. The scene with Tom Hanks’ character’s home off the lake would make anyone want to explore the lakeside views of simple Seattle.

Life, or Something Like it: Ever thought you’d find the meaning to life in a place like Seattle? Angelina Jolie’s character is on this exact quest in the romantic comedy Life, or Something Like It. A strange foretelling from a strange man sends her on a quirky exploration through life, finding romance in where else? Seattle. It’s a sweet glimpse into the simple life of a fictitious Seattleite; Jolie’s character works for a local Seattle TV station.

Singles: Written and produced by local Seattleite, Cameron Crowe, the film Singles centers on the lives of 20-something locals living together in Seattle. (Kind of sounds like a Friends movie set in Seattle.) It’s a glimpse into 1990s Seattle, an ultra hip time where the city really grew in perspective and as an up-and-coming city. Some scenes in the film include the famous Pike Place Market and Jimi Hendrix’s grave site, which also located in Seattle. Music fans will love the cameos that exemplify the Seattle music scene from Pearl Jam to Soundgarden; classic groups of the city and their time.


Photo: Derrick Coetzee

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