Montreal makes for a great summer travel destination


With some kids already heading back to school and Labor Day just a few weeks away, summer is quickly coming to a close. But there is still time to book a last-minute summer vacation. Here are five destinations we think will provide you with a great ending to the warmer months.


New York: The Big Apple has been bustling with tourists, and like we reported recently is on track to welcome a record amount of visitors in 2010. There is a reason so many people have been flocking to NYC – it is great! From walking across the iconic Brooklyn Bridge to devouring a slice of pizza, there is so much to see, do and yes eat when visiting New York.


Montreal: This Canadian city will make you feel as if you’ve landed in a European city…without the hefty price tag. That’s because not only is Montreal an affordable city, it exudes a charm that resembles walking down a street in Paris or London.While days can get hot and humid in later summer, the nights cool down nicely. Boating, biking, outdoor concerts and window shopping are just a few of the typical summer activities you’ll encounter.


Portland, Or.: Go stomping around Stumptown before the warm weather goes away. Portland is one of the most popular small cities to visit these days and it’s no wonder. With cool cafes, a thriving art scene and plenty of microbreweries to tour, we’re pretty sure you are going to love the Rose City.


Portland, Me.: About 3,200 miles away is a city with the same name, but completely different vibe. In Maine’s largest locale of Portland you stroll through the wildly popular Farmers Market each Monday in Monument Square, check out the Portland Music & Arts Festival (Saturday August 21) or just chow down on lots of locally caught lobster.


Gulf Coast: The BP oil disaster this year ruined tourism for much of the Gulf Coast region. Local businesses have lost money and hotels sit empty due to fearful travelers not wanting to take a chance at visiting an oil soaked beach. But the Gulf Coast has so much to offer and needs your tourist dollars to recover. With destinations like Orange Beach, Alabama; Tampa, Florida and New Orleans, Louisiana to visit, there are plenty of options to choose from.




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