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Summer just couldn't get here soon enough. This was a long winter and may feel like it's not over for some parts of America, as some places were getting snow even this week. However, with the temperatures again rising, it's time to starting planning those beach vacations. Here is a list of five great beaches for a summer vacation.


Cape May, New Jersey. No, this isn't the Jersey Shore you may have seen on TV. Cape May is a quaint beach town on the tip of the southern shore of New Jersey, lined with cozy inns and boutique shops. Just a short walk from downtown, the white sandy beaches of Cape May are bustling come summer time. This is a great option since it's often a little more pleasant because of its location further north up the east coast.


Captiva Island, Florida. For a more tropical feel, Captiva Island is your place. Captiva Island has much more of the tropical, paradise feel of a Caribbean island, but just off the shores of Florida. Since it's connected to Sanibel Island, a better offering of restaurants and things to do are just a short drive away.


Virginia Beach, Virginia. Virginia Beach is another destination that can often be more comfortable since it's located further up the eastern coast. Virginia Beach is a much larger seaside town, offering much more than just the small, family beach. Here you'll find a vibrant entertainment and nightlife scene, with something going on every night. However, it's also a good family beach and offers nearby attractions like amusement rides, when you need a break from the beach.


Hilton Head, South Carolina. Off the beaten path in South Carolina, Hilton Head is one of the most luxurious beaches in the southeast. You'll find a lot of golf resorts and high-rise hotels, but it also offers many beach houses for those who prefer vacation rentals. Hilton Head features a certain feeling of solitude that many other beaches don't.


La Jolla, California. With so many beaches to choose from in California, and especially Southern California, it's hard to just have one on this list. La Jolla is an affluent beach in San Diego, but is known for its restaurants, nightlife, and shopping. The coastline is unique with rising cliffs that you certainly won't find on the east coast.

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