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Traveling isn’t normally the best part of a holiday, but here are five places where there’s been some effort ploughed into making the journey more interesting.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Netherlands

An art gallery in an airport. Yes, really. Schiphol contains a small (one room) offshoot of the Rijksmuseum – the main gallery in Amsterdam, with exhibitions rotating every few months. What’s better is the big shop below it, so you can stock up on souvenirs without it affecting your baggage allowance.

Metro system in Athens, Greece
Athens Metro system, Greece

Underground’s normally less fun than overground, but traveling the Athens Metro is like going to a museum on a little train. Building the lines took ages because the workers kept hitting ancient relics – and instead of filing them away in some dusty museum, they’ve kept many of them on site, meaning that the metro stations become mini museums themselves. The thoroughly modern architecture housing the ancient artifacts makes a stunning juxtaposition.

Shared Taxis in Havana, Cuba

OK so it’s not strictly public transport, since most Cubans will get the bus, but the shared taxi system in Havana is like a museum on wheels. If it’s your first time in Cuba, you may be disappointed to realize that not everyone drives vintage cars – half the motors are 80s Ladas – but share a taxi and you’ll almost certainly get an old one. There’s no need to share, of course – if public transport isn’t your thing, simply get your own and practice your James Dean pout.

London Underground in London, England

London Underground in London, England

The London Underground system may make getting round the capital a synch, but it’s bearable at best, and horrendous at worst (in rush hour, in the summer, your head stuffed in someone unwashed’s armpit). Luckily the powers that be try to make it slightly more bearable with Poems from the Underground – literally a collection of poems doing the rounds and popping up
sporadically. You might see one on a station platform or, hopefully, in place of an advert in a carriage while you’re trying to ignore your rapidly increasing claustrophobia. And breathe…


Metro System in Moscow, Russia

Metro system in Moscow, Russia

That the Moscow Metro’s two nicknames are the Underground Palace and the Palace for the People should tell you something. Built in the Stalinist era, it was made to glorify the regime, and the walls were plastered in mosaics. Taking a trip underground now is like stepping back in time with murals depicting ideal Soviet life.

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