Caribbean resort beach fringed with palm trees, thatched sunshades and chairs When the weather warms up and college students need a break from stressful school exams, Spring Break is the perfect opportunity to unwind abroad. Whether it is your first trip to Cancun, or a common yearly visit to Europe with your best friends, Spring Break travels are often popular. With any trip, there are common fears and concerns for travelers especially during a common point of the year.


Being kidnapped abroad: Famous unfortunate criminal cases such as the disappearance of Natalee Holloway gives Spring Break travel a bad reputation. Travels abroad to foreign countries are always a risk, especially for young female travelers. Even if the situation sounds scary, it shouldn't deter those wanting to celebrate Spring Break. Always travel with a group of trustworthy friends and make sure to always stay together if possible. Keep in contact and always be aware of your surroundings. If someone is going to drink, designate a sober individual to make sure everyone is okay and to not trust a stranger for help.


Getting into trouble with the law: Face it; Spring Breakers are known for going a little out of hand. Welcome to opportunity for unlimited drinks in an exotic country with lots of other 20-somethings and it can be a recipe for disaster abroad. Consequences in other countries are not to be messed with. You simply cannot use the excuse that you are on Spring Break, or that you had no idea what the penalty would be. Be aware of your responsibility as a representative of your country and be on your best behavior abroad.


Running out of money on vacation: For those traveling for the first time, the biggest concern for any new or familiar traveler is keeping on budget. Money doesn't grow on trees and expectations of what things will cost abroad always fluctuate. Focus on your budget; make sure you take advantage of all inclusive meal deals or be frugal with your dollars, especially with drinks. The last thing you want to do is bother mom and dad back home for more cash when you blew most of it on alcohol the day prior. Always save a little money for emergency funds as well; you never know when it will come in handy.


Being sick abroad: What's worse than feeling sick before or after vacation than during the actual trip? Make it worse; most travelers that go on Spring Break do not consider traveler's insurance. They assume a week away is of no concern to trouble themselves with the costs of travelers insurance. It is a lot more affordable than one would think and it extremely helpful when an impending situation rises. Concerns such as food poisoning, dehydration and accidents abroad are typical and high hospital costs can be avoided by investing in Traveler's Insurance.


Forgetting about School Work: Just because it is Spring Break doesn't mean school is officially over. Students often disregard the fact that the week will end and they will have to return to classes. Some may even receive assignments to complete during the break; to make sure they stay on track during the trip. Make your life a lot easier by prepping your work prior to your trip as much as you can. If not, set aside a scheduled time to do so during your trip rather than putting it off to the last minute. Investing in your education is important and letting your Spring Break get in the way of it can be detrimental to your grades. After all, Spring Break travels should be a celebration of all the hard work you did to this point!

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