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Five Facts You May Not Have Known about Puerto Rico

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s main settlement, San Juan, is well known for its Spanish architecture and history. The country’s varied landscape and beaches are some of the reasons why it remains a very attractive tourist destination, and one that’s easily accessible from the United States.

Here are some facts you may not have known about territory.

Elections: If you’ve been keeping up with the major developments in the territory, you’ll likely know that the self-governing territory that belongs to the USA will hold its elections in August 2012. Puerto Ricans are likely gearing up in excitement because they are set to vote on their island’s political status, and whether they want a change in this status (i.e. to become independent or remain a US territory).

Two Major Languages: Both languages –Spanish and English—are the official languages of the territory, so chances are if you know one or the other you’re in good shape.

Exports and Income: Puerto Rico’s revenues depend a lot on tourism, but also exporting chemicals and foodstuffs. Agricultural still plays a role in the territory, with several regions producing coffee, plantains, bananas and farm-related products. Some of its natural resources like copper and nickel make chemicals a staple in its exports category.

A Busy Port: San Juan is considered one of the world’s busiest cruise-ship ports, and Puerto Rico is one of the world’s major hubs of tourism and commerce. Don’t be surprised at the amount of traffic should you visit the territory on a cruise.

Airports: The territory has a whopping 29 airports! Many people get around from city to city through rail or road, but San Juan is just the biggest and most well known airport—and not the only place where wheels touch down.

More than anything else, Puerto Rico is a place of contrasts and rich history. Book your flight to Puerto Rico today!


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