In a world where technology rules the travel world, it's hard to say no to travel without electronics. Taking a blast to the past where vagabonds roamed the planet with a backpack/suitcase and a film camera with rolls of film seems like Ancient History.

Fast forward to the 21st century and today's travelers are spoiled with iPods, GPS devices and other fascinating technological devices. But, some devices are quite handy than others and should be in your traveling bag.

Music Player

Whether you have the 4th generation iPod or an ancient cassette player, music players are a handy device for on the road travel. They are great for transportation delays, boredom before bedtime, or simply to pass the time. It's also a great way to store language audio lessons prior or during a trip abroad.


A flashlight is probably the number one electronic item every traveler should have in all of their travel bags. You never know when the lights will go out, or you simply cannot find anything in the madness of your carryon bag! Storing tiny flashlights in all of your bags makes it easier to find in a quick emergency.

Digital Camera

Unless you're a hardcore old school photographer, many of us are glad we do not have to carry rolls of film on the road. Digital Cameras are a traveler’s best friend on the road; capturing photographs and videos of one's trip abroad. The lighter, the better the camera pal will be on the road. It's hard to find a traveler who does not have a camera.

Swissbit Swiss Army 1GB USB Flash Drive

This specific travel item is unique in its nature and a great travel companion as well. At first glance, you'll wonder if the TSA will even let it pass security. Thankfully, the aboriginal Swiss Army Knife will. It features scissors, a pen, knife, nail file, screwdriver and flashlight. And the best part, the 1 GB USB drive is great to store important travel documents or (very few) photographs.

Travel Adapter

If you're traveling with a few electronics, or many, it's necessary to be aware of what you're plugging in. Investing in a Universal Travel Adapter will save you lots of time, money and worry abroad .Find an adapter that will be useful for all countries; you never know where you will go. An extra tip would be to find an extension cord abroad if you have that many electronics to use.

Which electronic device is a "must" for you when traveling? Leave a comment below.

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