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Nobu Miami Beach

It's romantic, hip, full of life and one of the biggest tourist destinations in The United States. Miami has always been a place to be seen with a range of diverse activities in a warm climate. When you're not busy shopping down Lincoln Road or catching some sun at South Beach, you'll be just as impressed with the food choices available in this Cosmopolitan city. International fusions of food options make Miami a foodie destination for travelers.

Red The Steakhouse: If you're in the mood for Certified Angus Beef Prime while dining in a modern noir decor in the heart of South Beach, you might find yourself at Red The Steakhouse. Don't be fooled by the name, even if their known for the perfect steak, you'll find yourself drooling on the menu itself. A delectable selection of appetizers including Lemon Garlic Shrimp, Tuna Tartare and other seafood specialties can be found. Find yourself fascinated by the wall of over 400 wine bottles; kind of like South Beach art meets fine wine.

News Cafe: Hot off the presses; ready to start your morning with a cup of coffee and the news of the day? Enjoy the casual atmosphere of South Florida in News Cafe, a 24-hour cafe-restaurant, bar and newsstand located in South Beach. It is the quintessential spot to experience life as a local; the venue is often crowded on a sunny day. You can get anything from a bagel and coffee for breakfast to a delicious Middle Eastern Salad for lunch. Creative types enjoy bringing their laptops and working all day and night. With smooth jazz in the background and a simple setting surrounding you, it's easy to find this your local favorite spot in Miami.

Azul: If you're looking for an over the top dining experience with gorgeous views of South Beach, Azul is your number one option. Locals and tourists love Azul for its impeccable service and outstanding food. A unique blend of Mediterranean flavors with Asian fusion make for a culinary experience at Azul. Menu highlights include Moroccan Inspired Lamb, a Rainbow of Oysters and Yogurt Marinated Swordfish; a 'round the world experience on your dinner plate.

Versailles: If you're taking a trip to Calle Ocho in Little Havana, Miami, you can't leave without visiting Versailles. Don't attach the name to French cuisine; this large restaurant serves traditional Cuban food. It has a rich history; founded in 1971 and was ground zero for Cuban-American exile where anti-Castro protestors came together. Some of the most savory typical dishes include Palomilla steaks (Cuban minute steaks.), Cuban pastries of beef or guava, and of course, the cafecito; rich Cuban coffee.

Nobu Miami Beach: When you have a fantastic location by the water, fresh seafood is a great dining choice while visiting South Beach. Nobu Miami Beach is the place to be seen for the fine dining Japanese experience. This is the place for high price dining; spectacular sushi rolls with oriental flavors that could probably make anyone fall in love with sushi. After your meal, hang around the hotel patio for some people watching and hopefully, celebrity spotting on a warm, balmy evening.

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