Had your fill of South Beach? Is that even possible? No matter – if you want to get out, here are five places to go when you need a little break from Miami.

Florida Keys

The feeling of freedom you’ll get as you drop further and further away from the mainland is worth the trip alone, but the Keys are beautiful, and perfect for diving, snorkeling or just lying on the beach pretending you’re on a tropical island. Try and make it all the way down to Key West – it’s closer to Cuba than the American mainland, and it still hangs on to its ‘proud to be different’ label. (Image credit.)

Everglades National Park

Despite appearances, the Everglades aren’t technically a swamp but a “wet prairie”. Either way, though, you’ll have a fascinating trip through the wet stuff, seeing manatees, dolphins and eagles as well as the token gators and crocs. Right now it’s wet season, but if you can wait till December, it’ll be dry and you’ll see plenty more wildlife.

Palm Beach

One of Florida’s most posh resorts, (think the Hamptons of the south), even if you’re not wealthy you can admire the beachside mansions on Worth Avenue. Inland, you’ll find West Palm Beach and a younger, cheaper crowd. Hit up the CityPlace mall where the cool kids hang out.

Biscayne National Park

The park here is almost entirely underwater, but even from the 5% of dry land you’ll see turtles and manatees going about their business among coral reefs, mangrove forests, keys and the bay. If you want to get closer, there are glass-bottomed boat trips, and if you really want to get involved, you can go diving or snorkeling, too.

Fort Lauderdale

Spring Break! Uh, if you want it to be. But there’s also a beautiful beach, waterways that will give you a hint of Venice and even museums if you’re feeling in the need for culture. Or just kick back with a fishing trip off the pier. It’s also a great destination for gay travelers.

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