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Visitors to the West Coast can easily get carried away with vibrant cities like San Francisco and Seattle. Budget friendly kids who do a lot of student travel might appreciate the overlooked city of Portland, Oregon, home of US’ first marijuana cafe. As a destination on the radar for 20-something travelers, it has a pulsating energy that beats to the background of beautiful residential areas. And what do young travelers enjoy more than kicking back and hanging out over a few pints! Student life in Portland is absolutely happening with the University of Portland as the Mecca of fun in this up-and-coming city.

Bar of the Gods (BOG): You don’t need to be as popular as, well, God to enjoy this bar. The youth crowd can easily humor themselves with the fun that goes on at this bar with a crazy name. With an extensive selection of beer, wine and mixed drinks, any visitor will find themselves enjoying a few drinks at the bar. Travelers will especially appreciate free wi-fi and booths to most likely Foursquare their location. All jokes aside, this Portland bar serves up a fantastic happy hour without sacrificing a fun environment.

Boiler Room: When you are the only full Karaoke bar in town, expect a lot of visitors. Enjoy the young and vivacious crowd ready to drink and belt out boy band songs. If you’re not ready to make a fool of yourself, enjoy the fantastic food menu. Enjoy the hilarious burger names; such as the Clogger or the Hippie. This is a great place to go out with a group of friends to enjoy dinner, drinks and most likely, singing that will end up on You Tube.

Gemini Bar and Grill: Known as the best place to party in Lake Oswego, Gemini Bar and Grill is the place to be to enjoy the youth crowd. Every night, there is something going on, from poker tournaments, quiz nights and even live performances. Versatile places like this are even more unique when you can host your own party; no clean up required! Fuel all that wild partying with the happy hour menu with dishes under $5.

Buffalo Gap: Whoever came up with the saying “its five o’çlock somewhere” would probably appreciate Buffalo Gap. Their logo says why wait until 5 p.m. when you can beat traffic and start at 4 p.m.? How can you not expect a good time when a bar embraces this fun attitude? Especially on a nice summer day when you can enjoy the open air balcony and patio; which are filled with 20-30-somethings. The building itself is a lot older than most of its visitors; with a rich 100-year-old history; it truly is an epic place to visit and enjoy Portland’s nightlife.

Twilight Room: Remember those crazy college nights when you were willing to try everything, like Jell-O shots? Any bar that serves these silly delectable treats is worth visiting. Besides $1.50 Jell-O shots, Twilight Room is your typical college bar. Apparently, tradition says University of Portland graduates graffiti their name; with a “Senior Sign in” ritual that truly makes this a college bar.  Entertain yourself with weekly evening events ranging from live bands, DJ’s and free pool.

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