Visitors to Nice, France enjoy lunch with locals

Mingle with locals & learn a new language


Being dedicated to learn a language takes hard work and time; especially if it is extremely foreign to your native tongue. Visiting or relocation to the region to learn the local language is the best way to integrate with the local community. Even if you've never spoken the language before, practicing will demonstrate interest and commitment towards your goal. It is also advantageous for work opportunities; to be able to communicate with a broader number of workers.


Quito, Ecuador – Spanish: Being recognized as one of the best places to learn Spanish gives Ecuador a huge edge for those wanting to learn this popular language. Used in many parts of the world, Spanish is often second to English in the workforce. The use of grammatical structure and clear pronunciation helps foreigners learn Spanish easily and rapidly. With its proximity to beautiful landscape and centralized near many bordering South American countries, it gives foreigners a fantastic opportunity to travel around and practice their new language.


Harbin, China – Mandarin: One shouldn't be surprised that Mandarin is the most popular language of the world and perhaps the language of the 21st century. With 72 minority dialects, Mandarin has been chosen as the main language of China. This northernmost major Chinese city is famous for standard Mandarin pronunciation. A famous phrase states: "'If you want to study Chinese language, come to China. If you want to study Mandarin, come to Beijing. If you want to study standard Mandarin, come to Harbin.' It can be a cheap alternative to Beijing for studying Mandarin." Tuition prices are nearly half of what big cities would offer.


Nice, France – French: Wouldn't it be nice to learn French in Nice? All jokes aside, with its exotic location on the French Riviera, being in the heart of the joie de vivre with beautiful beaches and pleasant climates is a fantastic way to travel and learn abroad. The cost of living compares much cheaper than the capital city of Paris, as goes for the language programs as well. Even if it is the 11th most common first language in the world, it is the second commonly-taught second language after English.


Münster, Germany – German: With approximately 100 million native speakers, German is one of the world's major languages and widely spoken in the European Union. Though primarily spoken in Germany, it is also spoken in Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechenstein. The city of Munster creates a lively atmosphere for people, especially the youth wanting to learn German. It is a University city that is popular amongst Germans to study. The picturesque historical center of this 1200-year old city offer splendid views and is easy to navigate for those prepared to learn, especially easier since German speakers here have no accent.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Portuguese: Though similar to Spanish on paper, the sounds of Portuguese may be easy to understand for Spanish speakers, but different for new speakers. This Romance language has about 300 million speakers with two dialects of Brazil and the Old World. Brazilian Portuguese is easier to start with before learning European Portuguese. Foreigners immersing into the Brazilian culture enjoy the enthusiastic native speakers with a positive demeanor to teach this beautiful language.  

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