Belize Barrier Reef


What’s on your bucket list? Maybe the Grand Canyon? Probably the Great Wall of China? But what about Central America? Have you added any Central America destinations or activities to your bucket list? While most people’s bucket list may not be filled with Central American destinations, there are plenty of places that are bucket list worthy. Today we present five bucket list worthy destinations that aren’t to be missed.

Hiking Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua:
You may be surprised to not find Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica on this list. While Arenal is one of the most well-known volcanoes in the world, travelers to Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua can hike the volcano and even look down inside it. Visitors can get so close in fact, that it’s recommended to keep visits short since the smells at the crater can often be too much for anything over a half-hour.

Rent an island on Lake Nicaragua:
That’s right, you can rent, and even buy an island on Lake Nicaragua. Lake Nicaragua is one of the most unique lakes in the world because of the many small islands that are scattered around the lake. Rent one of the small islands and enjoy your own slice of paradise. How many people can say they’ve rented an island?

Waterfall rappelling at Lost Canyon in Costa Rica:
You’ve probably hiked a waterfall and you may have gone rappelling, but have you combined the two? Waterfall rappelling, or canyoneering, is one of the most unique adventure activities in Costa Rica. Rappelling at Lost Canyon includes a short hike and then rappelling down the waterfall. Arenal Volcano is also nearby.

Dive the Belize Barrier Reef: You’re certainly familiar with the Great Barrier Reef, but how about the Belize Barrier Reef? The Belize Barrier Reef helps make up the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, which is the second longest in the world. Visitors typically don’t have a difficult time finding a diving shop, with many offering certification classes for beginners.

Cruise through the Panama Canal: This is probably the one Central America destination that may be on your bucket list. The Panama Canal has long been one of the most famous attractions in the world. While many may have visited the Panama Canal, not everyone has taken a cruise through the Panama Canal. It can often be a lengthy process making it through the canal, but a memorable experience nonetheless.

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