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It’s a guy eat hot dog world out there


You can get hot dogs anywhere, but every major city has a unique twist on this standard snack. In Iceland, it’s the mustard. In New York City (at Crif Dogs), it’s the extent of the menu.


Boston, as well, has several contributions to the hot dog category. Some make the list because of cultural and historical connections, while others just outshine the competition.


Either way, you can bet you’ll have at least one memorable hot dog in Boston, and it won’t be for lack of choices. Let’s take a look at five of the best:


1. Fenway Park: It’s a “must,” right? Fenway Park is legendary, as are its hot dogs. Those soon boarding flights to Boston need to get some tickets up in the bleachers and do it right. Order a few beers to wash down your Fenway Franks … you’ll need ‘em. As far as hot dog quality goes, Fenway’s fare just doesn’t measure up. That’s not why you eat them, though. You eat them to become a part of history.


2. Popo’s: These really are the best hot dogs in the world. Period. You’ll need to head up to Swampscott, which is a few towns north of Boston, to sink your teeth into these incredible creations. Here’s the good news: it’s winter. Since Popo’s is right on the beach, there isn’t much traffic around it in the colder months. During the summer, the line can get to be two hours long.


3. Lawton’s: It’s about half an hour outside Boston, in Lawrence, but Lawton’s is worth the trip (call to make sure they’ve reopened first). Here’s what you need to know: these guys fry their hot dogs, rather than grill or boil them. It’s unique, and it works. I don’t know that I’d go all the way to Lawrence on a vacation in Boston just to hit Lawton’s but if you’re up in that area, Lawton’s is definitely worth a stop.


4. Minibar: Located in the Back Bay’s Copley Square Hotel, minibar isn’t exactly like the other hot dog joints on this list. It’s a bit more upscale, as is the dog itself – made from Kobe beef. This dog is big on flavor and will take your taste buds by force. You’ll pay a bit more for the experience, but I assure you, it’s worth it.


5. The Sausage Guy: If you need an alternative to a Fenway Frank, in that neighborhood, check out The Sausage Guy, over on Lansdowne Street. The reviews of these hot dogs and sausages are solid, and the best part is that The Sausage Guy is also a stand-up guy: when other vendors around Fenway were jacking up prices in 2004 (when the Sox finally broke the curse),  he didn’t change a thing.

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