Biking around a new city is a great way to familiarize yourself with new sites. It's environmentally friendly and a great workout for your legs. For anyone that has visited The Netherlands, its probably the unofficial country of the bike friendliest city.


Beyond Amsterdam, the entire country is great for biking. With a huge network of bike lanes and flat lands, it's easy to get around. Luckily, there are other places in the world that are equally as worthy to take a stroll in town.


Sandnes, Norway

Nicknamed "The Bicycle Town", the bicycle has always been a huge part of the city. In the early 90's, the Norwegian government started a 4 year bike program to reduce car traffic. It still exists today; and helped make the city very bike friendly. Sandnes is also proud to be a member of the World Health Organization’s network of Healthy Cities.



Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is known for great tapas, beautiful sites and somewhat walkable tours, but take a step further and try to bike the city. Tourists find the metro easy, but can also get tired walking around this large and busy city. In 2007, biking service started for public transport. All over the city, a card can be used to rent a bicycle at mini stations. Since then, the City Council continues to expand parking and cycle paths.



Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The city of love sure loves its bikes and the cyclists that ride it. Cobblestone streets may seem difficult to ride, but Greater Philadelphia is a great way to explore the outdoors. Advanced bike riders can enjoy mountain bike trails that take you from the Philadelphia Museum of Art to the Valley Forge National Historical Park.



Perth, Australia

Perth, located in the land down under should be proud of having one of the most extensive cycling systems in the world. There are fantastic views of the island; especially along the ocean. Usually, travelers opt for camper vans to tour the Australian continent, but your second budget friendly bet might be to rent a bike and see areas of the city along smooth pathways.



Bogotá, Colombia

When your situated on a large continent filled with valleys and mountains, one would think a biking network would seem almost impossible. Bogota breaks this standard by the creation of their bike lanes, called ciclorrutas- stretching for hundreds of miles. Not only is it to serve an environmentally friendly purpose, but to link city centers with residential areas.

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