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If you’re looking to eat like a local, look no further! Find out Montréal’s must-have cuisine and where to get it, here!

Café Figaro: It’s hard to say which is better, Café Figaro’s food or its ambience. Hidden away on a side-street in the Outremont District, Café Figaro takes you away from the hustle and bustle and transports you to jolie Paris. The interior is charming and they also have many outdoor tables. They offer seven types of croissants in addition to the usual suspects; our favorites were the Nutella and Rum Chocolate croissants. Fill up on their delectable pastries and wash them down with the perfect bowl of coffee. Yep, they don’t mess around with caffeine here. Bon appétit.

Leméac: Leméac is a well-established Outremont favorite serving up a variety of French bistro classics. The standouts here are definitely the Steak Frites (don’t forget your bérnaise), the house-smoked salmon and unsurprisingly the duck foie gras. Service is excellent and the ambiance is even better. It’s a bit on the pricier side as most white-tablecloth establishments are. However, if you come after 10 P.M. you can steal an appetizer and main course (most entrées are included) for only $27.

Au Pied de Cochon à Montréal:
If you have an affinity for decadence, this is your place. The restaurant is located in the stylish Montréal Plateau. With quite an unassuming storefront sans sign, if you don’t know to look for it you might miss it. Once inside you can enjoy its comfortable and notably unstuffy environment while you dine on some of the city’s best delicacies: Au Pied de Cochon (literally “the foot of the pig” is a pig’s foot stuffed with braised pork and foie gras) and Duck in a Can (praised on countless Food Network shows)! Essentially they serve up great meat, rich sauces and put foie gras on everything. Québécois heaven.

La Maison de L’Original Fairmount Bagel: You may be surprised to find that Montréal locals are quite proud of their bagels, which are hand-rolled, boiled, thrown into a vat of honey-water and then baked in wood-burning ovens. What sets these bagels apart is their sweet, smoky crust, a gift imparted from the honey and wood-fire ovens, truly a must-try in Montréal. Locals have feuded forever over whether Fairmount or St-Viateur bagels are superior. We are fans of the Fairmount but feel free to decide for yourself. Whichever side you choose, pick the variety that’s the freshest–the warmest bagels are superior no matter what their flavor.

Schwartz’s: This Jewish Delicatessen is a Montréal staple. Locals and tourists alike line up outside waiting to savor the city’s most famous smoked meat. As Montréal’s oldest deli, Schwartz’s is a true landmark, famous for its generations-old decor. Its mission is simple, crude men serving up smoked meat, pickles, cole slaw and fries for a loyal audience. Don’t forget to wash down your sandwich with a famous cherry soda. Little known secret, if you want to skip the line, pop into Schwartz’s shop next door: you’ll miss a little bit of the experience but you can get the same sandwiches and fries here in half the time.

Bonus: If you need a late-night snack, you must try La Banquise, which serves up 25 types of poutine, one of Montréal’s signature dishes consisting of French fries, gravy and cheese curds!

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