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We recently talked about one of the best photographic moments for travelers: sunsets. There is something about sunsets that no matter where and when, it just captivates us. Almost as captivating, are sunrises. Although seeing a beautiful sunrise takes a little more work, requiring us to get up early; it still holds a certain beauty. We’re following up the sunset post by talking today about the best places to see the sunrise in the U.S.


Key West, Florida: Few places in the world have the ability to captivate travelers with both their sunrise and sunset, yet Key West, Florida manages to do just that. One of the most tropical places the U.S. has to offer, travelers can enjoy pleasant sunrises and sunsets any time of year. Miles of crystal clear, blue waters make it the perfect backdrop.


Lahaina, Maui: Similar to Key West, Hawaii is one of the few places in America that provide such a stunning view for both sunset and sunrise. On any given day you can wake up to a picturesque sunrise, and venture to the other side to see an even more beautiful sunset. The ideal off-season location, Maui is great this time of year for catching the sunrise.


Central Park, New York: Central Park is the one wild card on the list. You would typically think mountains or beaches when it comes to a beautiful sunrise, but New York City makes the list for the picturesque scene of the skyline as the sun comes up. You’ll have to get up pretty early to make your way to Central Park to find a good spot looking east, but it’s unlike any other sunrise you’ll see.


Tybee Island, Georgia: It’s hard to include a list of the best sunrises and not have a beach on the southeast coast on the list. Tybee Island often gets overshadowed by nearby Savannah, but the small beach town makes for a beautiful sunrise. One of the furthest eastern points in Georgia, grab a towel and a blanket to enjoy the sunrise coming up over the Atlantic Ocean.


Mount Rainier, Washington: Mount Rainier has established itself as one of the premier destinations in the U.S. for outdoor lovers. Although most outdoor lovers don’t make it out early enough to see the sunrise at Mount Rainier, this remains the most picturesque part of the mountain. Travelers may consider camping or making a weekend of it to catch the many different places that offer great views of the sunrise.

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  1. Carole

    For a great sunrise, it’s hard to beat Alpine Glow. For example, from Death Valley, face west. As the sun rises the east face of the Sierra Nevada takes on a rosy glow. It’s beautiful!

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