Coney Island boardwalk in Brooklyn, New York

Take a long walk this summer


The sun is shining on a warm day meant to be spent outside by the waterfront, yet you’re not sure what to do. If you’re sick of soaking up the sun and being a beach bum, it’s just as much fun to enjoy a day on the boardwalk. Defined as a wooden walkway for pedestrians, for Americans, it is so much more than this. Along the oceanfront is a haven for fun activities or relaxation before or after a day at the beach. Sometimes, it is nice to enjoy just the boardwalk itself as an affordable thing to do.

Brooklyn, New York: A visit to New York City doesn’t usually include a stop at the beach, however the Big Apple is home to few, including the famed Coney Island. This unique New York City neighborhood is home to a variety of activities for tourists. It has a rich history of family fun amusement parks, an Aquarium and at once, an ice skating rink. It is now home to Luna Park; a family fun amusement park. The most dynamic piece of history which remains are three rides that are protected as NYC landmarks: The Wonder Wheel, The Cyclone Roller Coaster and the Parachute Jump, known as Brooklyn’s Eiffel Tower. Tourists enjoy the rich history behind this park and the prominent future it hopes to build for upcoming visitors.

Atlantic City, New Jersey: Known as the sin city of the east coast, Atlantic City is the playground for everyone looking for fun in the sun. With its prime location hugging the Atlantic Ocean, many luxury hotels and resorts were built and stand here today. What gives the city its edge are the ritzy casinos and exciting nightlife offered to those ready to have a good time. Tourists also enjoy the excellent shopping opportunities at local malls, outlets and boutiques in and around the area.


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: If you’re looking for the most modern, up-to-date promenade area, look no further than Myrtle Beach. In 2010, the boardwalk welcomed a wave of new shops and amusement park rides. Stick around at night to hear live entertainment and to view a beautiful fireworks display over the water. There are many free festivals all year round, including the 60th annual Sun Fun Festival in June. Stay tuned this summer for the SkyWheel Myrtle Beach; a giant oceanfront attraction which will include glass enclosed gondolas provided spectacular views 200 feet above sea level.

Long Beach, Washington: Sometimes, a little rest and relaxation is needed if the amusement park scene doesn’t float your boat. Those who enjoy the great outdoors will love the Long Beach boardwalk. Unspoiled nature and rugged terrain compliment a great excuse to get outside and enjoy a healthy picnic. If you happen to visit during the peak season in August, make sure to check out the Washington State International Kite Festival for a view of a colorful sky.

Santa Cruz, California: With a slogan: “Warm Sand, Cool Surf and Hot Rides”, who wouldn’t want to visit this boardwalk? Celebrating over 100 years of family fun, this free amusement park is the oldest on the West coast. It was designed similarly to Coney Island after the designer saw the success of the East coast amusement park. Not only are there family fun rides, but one can enjoy great restaurants, shopping, mini gold and laser tag. Located close by is the Cocoanut Grove conference center; including banquet rooms and a performing arts venue mainly used for private functions and corporate events.


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