Five Amazing Steakhouses Across the United States, Flickr: shinyasuzuki

Brooklyn, New York’s Peter Luger


Nothing compares to the carnivorous bliss of sinking your teeth into a thick, juicy steak. Of course, there’s no shortage of steakhouses in every major city in the United States, but they are far from equal. A bunch are overrated, and some are merely excellent. A rare few, however, are positively heavenly. Let’s take a look at five of them, below:

The Stock-Yard: Save some money with cheap tickets to Nashville, and “invest” the difference in the most incredible meal you’ll ever experience. At the Stock-Yard Restaurant, where I enjoyed a couple of meals almost a dozen years ago, you will be surrounded by decadence, have amazing choices thanks to an extensive menu and sink your teeth into pure bliss. Spend plenty of time with the seemingly endless wine menu, and drink freely: the Stock-Yard offers free transportation for all guests!

Peter Luger: This is New York’s steakhouse. Frequently featured as the best the city has to offer, you’ll have no complaints after dining at this legendary institution. Be ready to cross the river to enjoy a porterhouse  there – Peter Luger is in Brooklyn, accessible by the J, M and Z trains.

Omaha Prime: Unsurprisingly, Omaha does steak well, very well. The highlight of the meal at Omaha Prime, aside from eating it, of course, is the menu – it comes on wheels. You’ll get to see the actual cuts of meat, which definitely helps when it comes time to order. The cuts are big, almost intimidatingly so, it’s a great idea to skip lunch before dining at Omaha Prime. I haven’t been there since 2002, and I miss it.

Grill 23: Boston offers plenty of excellent steakhouses, from Abe & Louie’s to KO Prime, but Grill 23 remains the perennial favorite. Beyond the incredible steaks that are the house specialty, be sure to order a martini … and think twice before ordering a second one. They are enormous!

The Capital Grille: when in doubt, take a stop at this historically Republican-favored restaurant (Democrats, supposedly, prefer The Palm), and get a taste of what it’s like to be the one percent. At The Capital Grille, you’re not just dining, you’re participating in democracy!

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photo: shinyasuzuki

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