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Finding Your SoBe (South Beach Style) Bar in Fort Lauderdale, Flickr: nostri-imago

The Living Room Nightclub


SoBe style is unmistakable—and quite unique – but not everyone knows what it is. A bright colored tee with a white overcoat or blazer, for instance. Or a restaurant with lime green tones and bright furniture. These are all hallmarks of South Beach, and funnily enough, you can get a taste of some SoBe style establishments in Fort Lauderdale.

Here are a few:

Elbo Room Bar: This world famous bar right on Fort Lauderdale’s beachfront features regular live music, and it’s one of those places where you can expect (and find) crowds and cool kids. It’s a place filled with 1960’s imagery. Established in 1938, this is a Fort Lauderdale landmark. Phone: (954) 463-4615. It features a live webcam of the Fort Lauderdale beach.

Exit 66: Steep yourself in the 1960s again in Exit 66, but don’t expect a royal treatment here since this joint is so used to crowds. Also called “Rock Bar” and a dance club, it is best to go here for the clubbing –rather than the drinking—scene. Phone: (954) 830-1245

Southport Raw Bar: This quintessentially 1960’s style Raw Bar (technically a restaurant) serves fresh fish, and features a few dozen hot female caricatures above the booths to remind visitors of a bygone era. Booths have fish patterned upholstery, so you can’t mistake the seaside theme. Phone: (954) 525-2526

Living Room Nightclub: This is true party club with lots of dancing, and again—the South Beach theme seems to be crowds, the young set and the music. The reviews of the club all say the staff is friendly and the music is definitely quality; the club itself is large with three large rooms and a balcony. Phone: (888) 992-7555.
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photo: nostri-imago

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