Fried Moon Pie at 2010 State Fair of Texas


It’s always fun to try different kinds of food whenever you travel, even weird kinds.

The State Fair of Texas loves weird foods so much they announce a winner for best weird food of the year annually.

Eight Finalists for best weird food of the year were announced today.

Buffalo chicken in a flapjack
Deep-fried pineapple upside down cake
Deep-fried Texas salsa
El Bananarito
Fried autumn pie
Fried bubblegum
Hans’ kraut ball
Walking taco

The winner for weird food of the year will be announced Monday, Labor Day at 9 a.m.

I’m surprised they also don’t hand out awards for people gutsy enough to eat these fried concoctions.

The fried bubblegum was described in the Dallas News report as “you’ll swear it’s bubblegum! A light as a feather bubble gum flavored marshmallow is dipped in batter and lightly fried to perfection. Decorated with a swirl of icing. A final sprinkling of powdered sugar completes this treat! It will blow you away!”

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