LaGaurdia Airport


A trash facility being built next to LaGuardia Airport in New York, is gaining negative responses from pilots who claim the garbage will attract birds, therefore increasing the risk of another emergency similar to the “Miracle on the Hudson.”


A federal panel of experts has granted the trash site, where the City’s garbage will be transferred from trucks to barges in closed off containers.


The extreme amount of trash will be less than half a mile from the airport where a US Airways took off last year and then hit a flock of geese and glided to a Hudson River water landing.


Chesley Sullenberger, the retired pilot of “Miracle on the Hudson”, said “It’s just simply not a smart place to put it. I’m not opposed to these kinds of facilities, just not within 2,206 feet of one of the nation’s busiest runaways.”


A review of the federal regulations proved that while the trash facility is permissible under Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules at LaGuardia, it would not be allowed at most of the nation’s large commercial airports.



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