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Take in a Concert at Red Rocks!

Denver is a city that claims to be urban sophistication that meets outdoor adventure. We find this to be true with the abundance of things to do, historically and that feeds our need for a thrill. American History tells us that Denver was an important city to the development of the Western United States. Because of this, there are many famous and historical landmarks enjoyed today. Also, Denver as a revitalized modern city also gives us modern landmarks appreciated by all.

16th Street Mall

While the State Capitol is famous for being the one mile high landmark, the 16th Street Mile is 1.25 miles of a pedestrian shopping heaven. Built in the early 1980s and extended in the early 2000s, this urban center to LoDo- Lower Downtown Denver is vital to the city. Find everything you need from known retail stores to boutique local shops. Happy Hour lovers will enjoy a plethora of specials at many restaurants and bars on the walkway.

Brown Palace Hotel

Not only is the Brown Palace Hotel gorgeous to look at, it is the second-oldest operating hotel in Denver. Built in the late 19th century, this historical hotel was always a high profile place. Past guests include Dr. Sun Yat Sen, The Beatles and even former President Bill Clinton. Legendary musical star Elvis even said it was the “best hotel in the world.” Today, this timeless hotel is a place where you're spoiled in exceptional service and modern style. Make sure to take the hotel tour to learn and appreciate the history of this landmark hotel.

Red Rocks

Just outside of Denver is an experience like no other. The Red Rocks Amphitheater is a creative and natural rock structure where concerts take place. For over 100 years, live performances were made in this unique and acoustic space. Besides being an excellent venue for performances, the place itself is beautiful- with bright sandy red rock glimmering in the sun and glowing after the sun has set.

Union Station

What made American railways so famous and appreciated was the entire lifestyle and interest given to traveling by rail. It allowed us to appreciate the views and splendors of our nation. When we arrive at our final destination, we're often greeted at a large station if you happen to be traveling to a big city. Denver's Union Station is exactly this place- dating back to 1881 when it first operated. This large and historic building is Denver's transport hub with many major lines crossing at this point. It remedied these crossing transcontinental lines by the creation of Union station to indeed unite Denver with other large American cities.

Denver Performing Arts Complex

While the East Coast is privileged with New York City's Lincoln Theater for superb performing arts, Denver is just as lucky with the Denver Performing Arts Complex. This is the second largest performing arts center in the world just after Lincoln Center. Enjoy the structure of this Tony Award-winning theater complex, especially the 80 ft. tall glass roof. You can enjoy performances by the Colorado Ballet, Symphony Orchestra or the Opera Colorado. This multifunctional space is a fine example of all of the rich culture to be experienced in Denver.
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